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Latest Adult SMS Jokes:

  • A special LUNCH 4 u, At da hotel of my
    A special LUNCH 4 u,
    At da hotel of my Heart,
    With a boul of love,
    With spoon of care,
    In the pot of Happiness,
    Dish is friendship,
    Pay the bill

    A KISS.

  • By: Shan

  • Couple claiming Virginity: Gal:If ds Is
    Couple claiming Virginity:
    Gal:If ds Is ur 1st tym, then h0w did u do it so wel?

    Boy:If dis Is ur 1st tym, den h0w do u knw that i did wel???


  • By: Shan

  • Shiri Rehman Farmati hayZardari hazi
    Shiri Rehman Farmati hay

    Zardari hazir hay jooty ki saza panay ko

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2009-06-21 17:22:33 by The_answer_is_MU

The trick is to simply accept that people are going to use the words that were taught to them. I speak and write perfect Spanish, but will not interject to correct adults. Some accents are like nails on a chalkboard, some are simply irksome. When I speak English I only use English words, when I speak Spanish I only use Spanish words. Try not to mix them, not very fond of Spanglish. Having said t... like John Lequizamo's routines of Stand-up, he does a great job of creating that Nuyorican experience in the Bronx....you'll laugh, you'll cry, it will move you.
There's a lot to the Hispanic identity that does not speak to me, I just watch and learn. Ancina is a word that reeks of ignorance, but that is not the person's fault. Try all those who switch the L for R and viceversa. *screams*

Sam Rockwell, 'The Way, Way Back' Star, On Fame, Selling Out And Crying ..  — Huffington Post
He's funny in a way and charming in a way that I can't be in real life. But I can in that .. I always joke that I'm going to sell out -- I suppose there's been a couple of instances where I tried to just go for the money. What's an example? ..

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